Where to apply perfume and many more olfactory advices

Wearing perfume is so easy, just a little spritz applied to your most preferred spot and that's it - you might think. But a closer look proves us right that there are a few more skills required to wear your most beloved fragrance well.

Discover the best olfactory advices and be ready to learn more about how to apply perfume, where to apply perfume, how to store perfume, and last but not least how to choose the best perfume.

A young lady once asked: “Where should I apply perfume?”
“Where you want to be kissed,” Coco Chanel answered

Where to apply perfume

The placement depends mainly on two components - the outfit for which it accessorizes and even more important the environment in which it is worn.
Sure it matters a lot where to apply your perfume. For example, a fragrance doesn't last long on dry skin. Therefore an unscented moisturizer or even better a light companion body lotion matches best with your perfume and to support the scent's longevity scent as well as its pure character (to avoid an unintended olfactory mix).
Also, a scent should not be covered up with clothing. Therefore body parts which are exposed to the air are always a good idea. Choose your wrists or the pulse points of your neck. If you are wearing a shirt or sleeveless blouse the inner elbows are also a perfect spot.

(skin) temperature

But keep in mind that also climate conditions matter. During summertime or while being in extremely hot climate cause quite often sweat or lightly sweaty skin (areas). Therefore the natural oils of your skin might destroy your fragrance much faster and under these conditions, you should not apply perfume directly to your skin.

In this case, applying perfume to your hair or an accessory like a scarf might be the better choice. Due to their movement in the air, your perfume will be diffused and leaves a light but also constantly scent.


How to apply perfume

Just spray the perfume lightly on your most preferred skin area and do nothing else. Pause and let the liquid sink in. Never rub! It is a myth to rub your wrists together after applying a fragrance or to rub your wrists against your neck.

act like a lady

As unromantic as it might sound it's just chemistry. Because by rubbing skin heat is created. This friction causes the production of natural enzymes, which then influence and change the character of the perfume. As a result the dry-down, as well as top notes and middle notes, are affected while the longevity of your scent might also be impacted.

Applying your perfume to these parts is always a wise decision - the base of the throat, in the cleavage, behind ear lobes, behind the inner elbows and the knees. While responding to your body heat the scent will continue to emit throughout the day.

As you wear your perfume throughout the day, it will react with your body heat and continue constantly to emit its scent.

How to store perfume

To line up your pretty perfume bottles in your bathroom might look stylish, but keep in mind that this place will be heated up and will be full of steam quite often which causes your fragrances to lose their freshness. You do not want to turn your well-chosen perfume collection into shallow scents.

Always keep in mind that perfume reacts extremely sensitive to temperature changes, almost like a living organism.


Besides temperature fluctuations sunlight (and also indirect sunlight) will change your fragrance - but in this case visually. Because ultraviolet rays affect colour and slightly but constantly lead to a colour shift.

You do not have to hide your pretty flasks but room temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit) is definitely recommended. If you prefer to be super cautious, you can also store perfume bottles in your fridge.

As funny as it might sound, a delicate perfume (flask) has high similarity to a great cellar wine (bottle). Both you should never leave in the sun - even worth considering for champagne and sparkling wine in general ...

Last but not least also take into account to store your flask in the stylish outer box it originally came in, this protects your perfume best and is an eyecatcher anyway.


We already compared perfume to expensive wine, and as mentioned there are for sure similarities. But in any case, the main difference is time. Perfume should definitely be consumed in a brisk swiftness. Oxygen will affect the fragrance's molecules of a half-used bottle by breaking them slowly down. In the end, the perfect scent composition will differ from the original beloved fragrance.

size matters

Therefore we recommend choosing a little flask, the smaller the better. In case you owe generously sized bottled keep in mind that you also can decant perfume into smaller vaporizers and store your half-empty flask in the fridge to keep its scent as fresh as possible.
(As long as the flask has a proper bottle cap like a stopper or screw bottle cap.)

If you proceed like this, your perfume will remain fresh and the closest to its original scent for about three months.

How to find the best perfume 

All-natural is a good idea but not for sure if it comes to perfumes. You might wonder why. There are two main reasons - cruelty-free perfume and by referring to freshness and intensity the composition of ingredients. In former times musk was derived from animals. This note softens a perfume composition and is still nowadays very much beloved. Fortunately, today musk is created in laboratories only.

flora and fauna

Delicate floral nuances like flower extracts of blossoms like lily of the valley or peony also belong to synthetic components. These flowers do not release any scent by being preserved in a natural extraction. In this case, technical progress even supports obtaining natures uniqueness.

high quality

In fashion synthetics might be perceived as cheap and unnatural or unsustainable, referring to perfumes this is definitely not true. Since the late 19th century some of the best perfumes convey a blend of synthetic molecules in addition to other all-natural ingredients. Health organizations and institutes control these compositions frequently to make sure only the highest quality perfume is on the market.

Therefore you should not hesitate to choose a perfume which combines both, man-made additives and all-natural ingredients.

“Ladies, a man will never remember your handbag, but he will remember your perfume.”
– Olivier Creed

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