The Different Type Of Scents

Do you know the difference?
Sometimes it is difficult to choose your most preferred scent (of the day) or even more difficult to find a new fragrance which suits you well.

Do you know about these popular abbreviations of scents?
EDC, EDT, EDP, and perfume - these are not just fancy French expressions. They describe the type of fragrance and therefore might also help you to find your most preferred go-to-scent.

To begin with, the abbreviations describe very specific the different types of fragrances. At the same time, they tell a lot about their intensity, longevity, and price.

In the end, a scent is almost just math and chemistry. Because a higher concentration of oils creates a stronger fragrance.


This means if there is less alcohol added, the scent concentration is high (or higher compared to others). This means there are just more essential oils and less alcohol. (Intensity)

The concentration also impacts how long a fragrance will last. Sure it also depends on the fragrance family and your individual skin type.


The difference of the same scent can be just very subtle, choosing between Eau de Perfume and Eau de Toilette f.e. - because many brands offer both fragrance types of identical scent. It depends just on the amount of alcohol which is mixed with the amount of (pure) perfume. This means the original scent is essentially the same. In the end, the final product has been diluted just differently. (Therefore a spritz of EDT will last shorter comparing to EDP because the Eau de Parfum is more potent - and will, therefore, be usually more expensive.)

"One should use perfume wherever one wants to be kissed." – Coco Chanel


Perfume (French: parfum)
It is created with a concentration of 15 % - 30 % and therefore has got the strongest perfume essence. The pure perfume molecules connect perfectly with your skin and hair (or clothes) and last usually around six hours. Sure it depends on the type of perfume, your skin, and maybe also your activity. But for sure its concentration is the heaviest and therefore lasts much longer - comparing to fragrances with a higher alcohol concentration.

EDP stands for Eau de Parfum
It is created with 8 % - 15 % of perfume oils and in general lasts about three to five hours. Because of its higher concentration, it does not fade quickly and its heart notes become more intense and noticeable after the top notes (means the first scent while it is released by a perfume) faded. An EDP is a perfect choice for a night out. Sure there is no perfume rule, but usually, it is more convenient to wear a lighter fragrance (concentration) during the day (means EDT or EDC) and a more concentrated at night (means EDP or perfume).

EDT stands for Eau de Toilette
It is created with a smaller dose of essential oils (4 % - 8 %) and will usually last roundabout two to four hours.
Due to its alcohol concentration, it will evaporate quite quickly from your skin. But first applied, the scent will be quite dominant and refreshing, even when you go overboard the fragrance will for sure lighten up quickly. Therefore an Eau de Toilette is the perfect type of scent to use every day.

EDC stands for Eau de Cologne
Comparing to other fragrances types it is the lightest one because it conveys only 3 % - 5 % of essential oils, but a high amount of alcohol, which causes its fast dilution. In general, an EDC lasts for about two hours.
If you think this makes it a bad choice please reconsider because it always depends on the scent you choose and the occasion. A light fragrance is always refreshing and vivifying, you can add another spritz during the day and the most important fact, it is less expensive and maybe your best deal, if you like an EDC character.

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