Best Colognes For Men 2021

There are countless opportunities, when it comes to men colognes, choosing from fruity or sweet to musky or woody notes could be challenging.

Fresh and light or musky, or maybe heavy - it doesn't have to be only one scent note. There are unique olfactory creations and outstanding bestseller perfumes for men

Always keep in mind, the universal perfect scent does not exist. Everyone is different, also when it comes to sensory preferences. Which could also differ depending on your current vibe, the season or an occasion. Just don't feel overwhelmed of your opportunities, believe us, it's fun to choose a scent, a new cologne to add to your collection or just to experiment.

We checked the vast range between all time evergreens and new perfumes for men, there is - and will be - something for everyone.

The good news is, you will make it yours anyway, because as unique as a your personal preference is, will also be the combination of a cologne and its wearer.

Get inspired by our best men fragrances 2021.

Dior Sauvage perfume

Eau de Toilette

Inspired by nature, its power and open spaces this masculine Dior fragrance is all about naturally ingredients.

Fresh top notes of bergamot unify with ambergris and woody trails. As its name proclaims (sauvage, french wild) unifies untamed nature in raw and clean notes as well as delicate accents.

This masculine scent is definitely a must-have for a man's 'perfume wardrobe'.

The vast Sauvage edition includes a huge variety of fragrances, Dior skincare, and body care products.
Sauvage perfume was honored best new fragrances men at Fifi Awards 2020

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Maison Margiela Jazz Club perfume
Eau de Toilette

Imagine a classic but cool Jazz Club in Brooklyn with leather armchairs, light tobacco notes, dimmed lights, cocktails at a bar and an old but shiny black piano. 

As its name convey this delicate and virile fragrance by Maison Martin Margiela might be meant for evening occasions and cold seasons. But created as an Eau de toilette its character is still light in a distinguished way.

Base notes of tobacco leaves and vanilla interact with fresh top notes of lemon, pink pepper and neroli.

Replica perfume edition is known for exquisite colognes as well as unisex scents and feminine fragrances - each scent tells a story.

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Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Florentine Iris perfume

Eau de Parfum

The floral but very masculine perfume belongs to a noble fragrance collection known as essenze (Italian essences). Created and drawn by passion, commitment and vision, these perfumes signify completely the same.

Refreshing Calabrian Bergamot unifies with delicate ingredients like Indonesian oud, Sicilian mandarin, Javanese patchouli and Florentine iris. Ground breaking to create a floral fragrance for men.

Wearing a sprizz of this velvety outstanding scent will give you instantly an impression what does it mean to wear a piece of luxury high fashion for men.

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Prada Luna Rossa Sport perfume

Eau de Toilette

As its name conveys this fragrance is about exclusiveness and freshness.

Fruity and fresh top notes of juniper berries and ginger unify with light lavender heart notes and warm base notes of tonka bean and vanilla.

Well-known perfumer Daniela Roche Andrier created an attractive and crispy scent which represents modern masculinity, to wear day and night, in summer and winter. This fragrance is a real allrounder.

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 Acqua di Parma Colonia Ebona perfumeWOODY FRESH
Eau de Cologne concentration

Ebony (Italian ebano) is known as one of the most luxurious woods in the world.  This exclusiveness can also be find in any ingredient of this masculine fragrance.

Citrussy fresh top notes unify with resins, followed by intense heart notes of ebony and honey. While patchouli and vetiver create comforting base notes.

Although this cologne is woody its mainly accent remains fresh and elegant. It would be definitely a great addition to your perfume collection or a perfect choice for your newest sophisticated scent.

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Eau de Toilette

Polo's classic chic black glass flask with silver details conveys exactly the same characterised fragrance. This cologne is timeless, but also aromatic and bold, definitely a head turner

Fruity notes of lemon, tangerine and frozen mango unify with warm and aromatic accents of sandal wood, tonka bean, sage and black patchouli to create kind of a bitter sweet fusion.

This masculine scent is a great choice for any occasion.

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Byredo Mister Marvelous perfume

Eau de Parfum

As its name conveys, this cologne is special.

Fresh top notes of petitgrain and neroli are enclosed by aromatic woody heart notes (green lavender and bamboo), while similar characterised base notes are completed by black amber and white cedar. 

Although heart and base notes are close, this perfume for men surprises with slightly twisted accents - which make it even more interesting, as well as its wearer.

The house of Byredo not only created an astonishing and exquisite fragrance, it is outstanding.

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Tom Ford Oud Fleur perfumeWOODY CHYPRE
Eau de Parfum

Known for exquisite fashion and chic accessories the house of Tom Ford also offers a vast variety of extraordinary scents. This modern fragrance for men definitely belongs to them.

Agarwood (oud) is one of the most high-prized noble woods in perfume industry. Unified with delicate rose petals both ingredients create kind of an exclusive character. These Arabian origins are softened by sandalwood, patchouli and resins.

Although its name hints to be floral (fleur, French blossom) the  scent remains as well bitter and unquestionably masculine.

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Eau de Toilette

It is said that Giorgio Armani was inspired by beautiful Italian Island Pantelleria, where he spent his vacation. Afterwards he created Acqua di Gio for men (as well as Acqua di Gio for women). 

A sprizz of the iconic men fragrance reminds one of sea water, the sun on your skin, and wind in the hair. It just conveys the perfect composition of lightly sweet and salty notes.

This aquatic cologne is perfect to use everyday. Spicy heart notes are softened by warm and woody base notes while top notes remain fresh.

If you appreciate the scent of freedom, freshness and feelgood, this fragrance is for you.

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Eau de Parfum

Well-known for exclusive fragrances and especially niche perfumes the house of Frederic Malle created, in cooperation with famous perfumer Dominique Ropion, an outstanding cologne for men. As its name conveys this scent is extraordinary (French extraordinaire).

Fresh and citrussy top notes of bitter orange and bergamot unify with aromatic and warm spicy heart notes of vetiver, cloves and red pepper. While woody and musky base notes add  a comforting accent.  

This masculine and modern perfume is definitely a head turner.

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Calvin Klein Eternity for men perfume
Eau de Toilette

As its name conveys this masculine fragrance is timeless.

The iconic cologne is ideal to wear during spring and summer. But also for colder seasons if one enjoys light and fresh notes. Therefore Eternity as well can be worn day and night

The scent unifies fresh top notes (citrus and aromatic) with green and very light white floral accents. While delicate and soft spicy herbal heart notes are followed by woody and light musk base notes.

Calvin Klein's perfume was initially inspired by lasting love, a kind of positive energy that feels great. Its uniqueness is represented in each sprizz.

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