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THE ONE edt vaporizer 100 ml


The main accords of Dolce & Gabbana The One EDT 100 ml are fruity, vanilla, white floral, sweet and powdery.

The oriental floral perfume for women is a bestseller since its launch in 2006. Popular perfumer Christine Nagel created this outstanding fragrance for the house of Dolce & Gabbana.

Top notes are light, fresh and fruity (peach, bergamot, litchi, mandarin orange) while heart notes are softly and balmy created by plum and white flowers (jasmine, lily and lily of the valley). Base notes are woodsy, powdery, sweet and comforting (vanilla, vetiver, musk and amber).

The One is an outstanding fragrance. As its name conveys, this scent is unique and therefore meant for the unusual woman: who draws attention from her manners, character, aura, pose and by her look.
Once again D&G created an extraordinary feminine perfume, which has a character itself: sensual, warm, comforting but at the same time sensual, feminine and seductive.

Dolce & Gabbana house underlined the fragrance's character with its pure, elegant and unique packaging design. The flask is made of transparent glass, golden details (like the edgy bottle cap) and light black lettering perfectly match the unique theme (The One). The perfume itself has a warm golden colour.

This EDT is available for 30 ml50 ml100 ml.

Among other things, the vast Dolce Gabbana The One Collection includes scents like: 

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