ROSES DE CHLOÉ edt vaporizer 75 ml


The main accords of Chloe Roses de Chloe EDT 75 ml are rose, floral, fruity, citrus and musky.

This floral perfume for women is extraordinary luminous and airy.

Worn during the day or for an evening out the elegant and breezy scent is always a great choice.

Fresh and fruity top notes of lychee, lemon and bergamot are combined with a pinch of tarragon. While floral and lightly sweet fruity heart notes of Damascena rose essence, lemon-tingend scent of magnolia, juicy peach, tangy black currant, and fresh apple are combined with nuances of cedar. Gentle but lasting base notes of deep amber, delicate white musk and noble woody notes complete the fragrances uniqueness.

Like an elegant bouquet of roses this fragrance conveys timeless beauty and is a true dedication to femininity.

Each spritz conveys the aroma of a hundred of tender rose petals.

The House of Chloe is worldwide renowned for its light, feminine, sophisticated, modern and elegant fashion couture. And so are perfumes by Chloe, which are truly created in the same chic manner.

Introduced to the marked in 2013 Roses de Chloe by Chloe became quite fast beloved all over the world.

Fun fact: In 1975 the house of Chloe launched its first fragrance, today Coty, an international renowned beauty brand cooperates with Chloe to develop unique fragrances. Chloe fragrances are known for their signature amber and musk base.

When it comes to packaging design the House of Chloe proves another time their exquisite sense of chic and knowledge.

The signature perfume bottle of pleated transparent glass with a silver bottle cap combines the pureness of modern design with elegant details. As its name proclaims Roses de Chloe perfume offers different shades of white and pink rose.

Fun fact: There is a double meaning regarding the original name, because 'rose', signifies in French rose flower and the colour pink.

There is so much love of detail, like the hand-tied blush pink ribbon at the bottle's neck, which became one of Chloe's signature features for their iconic perfume.

This EDT by Chloe is available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml

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