PI set of 3 pieces (EDT vaporizer 100 ml + shower gel 75 ml + aftershave lotion 75 ml)


Main accords of Givenchy's PI Set of 3 pieces (EDT 100 ml, shower gel 75 ml, aftershave lotion 75 ml) are vanilla, aromatic, sweet, balsamic and almond.

The masculine scent was created in 1998 by Alberto Morillas.

The warm and oriental fragrance is perfectly refreshed by its composition of scents: top notes of PI are rosemary, basil, mandarin and tarragon. Heart notes are geranium, lily of the valley, neroli and anise. Followed by base notes of almond, cedar, vanilla, benzoin, yellow sugar and tonka.

Givenchy created an extraordinary masculine perfume: vivify, fresh and pure. Inspired by PI this perfume stands for inner strength and deep sensuality, the conquering energy of infinity reminds of the same energy of men. Admirers of sensual experiments and especially eternal explorers will enjoy this fragrance very much.

The outstanding flask's design is an art piece itself: perfectly clear lines are combined with sublime parts. The geometric bottle has got an extraordinary bottle cap, which reminds of a golden handle.

The flask is elegant, modern and rough at the same time - perfect for a gentleman who also likes to be an explorer.

This set consists of PI EDT, PI shower gel and PI aftershave lotion.
The woody oriental EDT is also available in flasks of 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml.

There is a huge variety in PI fragrances, which were created chronically after the signature perfume: PI Fraiche (2001), PI Metallic Collector (2004), PI Original Code (2006), PI Leather Jacket (2006) and PI Neo (2008). Therefore Givenchy's PI line offers an inspiring diversity of this sophisticated perfume for men.

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