Juliette Has A Gun

MIDNIGHT OUD edp 100 ml

The main accords of Juliette Has A Gun's Midnight Oud perfume are oud, rose, warm spicy, leather, fresh spicy.

Midnight Oud is inspired by oriental notes like amber, oud, saffron, patchouli oil, Morrocan rose, geranium and different sorts of musk. Rose appears in each of Juliette Has A Gun's fragrances. Midnight Oud perfume combines rose and oud to a very special and mystical scent. This makes the perfume a modern female scent and a fragrant rebel, which combines elegance and romantic with rock.

The metallic flacon is delicately engraved with the name and ornaments, the outer carton is also very stylish - it's dressed in dark velvet with a satin ribbon and golden letters.

This extraordinary fragrance was launched in 2009.

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