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The main accords of GUCCI Memoire d'une odeur EDP 100 ml are herbal, woody, musky, floral and white floral.

Gucci launched this impressive and luminous scent in August 2019. Since then, the unique fragrance became quite fast a best seller.

Top notes are lightly herbal and delicate (bitter almond and Roman chamomile) while middle notes are white floral and comforting warm (Indian Coral Jasmine, Jasmine, and musk). Followed by noble woody base notes (cedar and sandalwood) which also convey nuances of slightly sweet but irresistible vanilla.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas created an aromatic, airy, musky, and also mineral unisex fragrance

The scent is defined by its freedom - unassigned with gender or time.
Its unexpected and hidden ingredients create transcendent accords, while Roman Chamomile is envisioned in this perfume.

Morillas designed a unique new olfactory family: mineral aromatic.

Till today, a perfume never included notes of Chamomile. We all know this scent, but do not refer it to a fragrance composition. Therefore Morillas created an outstanding new fragrance experience. Indeed this perfume conveys the memory of a scent (French: Memoire d'une odeur).

Memoire d'une odeur is, so unique, that it can't be identified easily.
As the power of memories, which are brought back by an olfactory experience.

At the same time, the scent has a very comforting character.
Morillas describes the fragrance as "pure softness".

The flasks design was inspired by an old Gucci perfume bottle. Its light green pleated transparent glass and pure shape is neither female nor male to underline its delicate unisex spirit. The golden bottle cap (also pleated) fits the appearance perfect.

In fashion and perfume, Gucci proved another time, that they know best about coolness and style!

"... a hybrid scent, that resembles memory as much as possible." Alessandro Michele

This EDP by Gucci is available in 40 ml, 60 ml and 100 ml.
There is also a rollerball bottle available (30 ml).

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